Largest Multicultural event in the Estate of Georgia. Since 2000, the event featured hundreds of exhibitors, family activities, art and craft, international foods and high profile outdoor music exposition and concert with renown International recording artist as well as local performers.

After obtaining recognition as the largest and the most important multicultural diverse and popular event held in Atlanta, Festival Peachtree Latino us proud to announce its Twelfth Anniversary with its new and innovated version.

Our new version gathers the ample legacy of traditions, music, gastronomical, artisan cultures, and crafts worldwide, represented by each region of every continent within the ample map that conforms the diverse communities of Atlanta, from Africa to Europe, from Asia to Austrialia, and the Americas, and of course, including the richness and diveristy of the Latin America cultures.

Festival Peachtree Latino 2013 – Is without a doubt the ideal forum to present ypur business, your product or your service to a multitude; in fact, to the most diverse and growing communities. Frankly, we could safely say, we are inviting you to the business oportunity of your life - to share ypur business with the world.

During the past 10 years the Festival Peachtree Latino has been honored with sixteen awards and accolades. Numerable recognitions, locally and nationally, by tourism, government and entertainment associations and other community groups

  • Atlanta City Council – 2002-2006

  • Top Twenty Event in the Southeast Tourism Society 2007

  • Top Twenty Event in the Southeast Tourism Society 2008

  • Atlanta City Council – In Honor of Margarita Ayes and the Staff of Festival Peachtree Latino, the Festival and Day - 2008

  • Recognizing and honoring the Festival Peachtree Latino 2008 - Representative Stan Watson District 91 – Georgia House of Representatives

  • A special mention honoring the Festival Peachtree Latino 2008 - as a widely celebrated Multicultural Event 2008 by the Governor of The State of Georgia, Sonny Perdue

  • Top Twenty Event in the Southeast- Tourism Society 2009

  • Top Twenty Event in the Southeast- - Tourism Society 2010

  • Governors’ Office and other organizations

Event produced by
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